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Thread: how to use a nail knot tool

  1. Default how to use a nail knot tool

    need help with a nail knot tool i have it right but i wont hold the line

    our dogs in their first snow

    have a question? email me at leave something saying fly tying or fishing or i will delete

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    micah doyle

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    I'm not clear on the question, re-read your post and perhaps re-word the question.


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    If you are having trouble using a nail knot tool, I would recommend you look for tool on you tube. This is a very good video that shows you how to use this particular tool. If this isn't your tool, try looking for yours on there.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Tie-Fast Tool for nail knots[/ame]

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    That's a pretty neat little tool to speed tying a knot up. That would have been nice to have when I was trying to get back on the fish quick. I guess I need to practice tying knots more so I won't need to rely on a tool.

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    Default Re: how to use a nail knot tool

    What a great post Cabot. I've got a Tie-Fast but never used it because I didn't know how. I'll use it a lot now. It should take care of some of the fumbling that I do tying in waist deep water.

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