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Thread: Tie-Fast Gryp-Knot

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    Question Tie-Fast Gryp-Knot

    I have been playing around with my Tie-Fast Tyer. Using it to tie on flies as per the instructions.
    I was wondering if anyone had ever tested this knot for strength ?? Sure looks better than a clinch knot or improved clinch knot as the tag is buried by the wraps. Unlike the clinch which is only held by one turn of the knot. According to the instructions, the greater the tension applied the tighter the grip on the tag. I also like the way the tag exits the knot going down the line and not out the side.

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    Default Re: Tie-Fast Gryp-Knot

    I use it all the time never had a failure. Most my tippet is larger either 12 or 16 pound. I don't know how it compares to other knots.
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