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  1. Default Which knot is best for you?

    I have read numerous articles & I'm not sure if we havediscussed this or not here on The Forum, but what is yourfavorite knot to connect your fly? I have used the "Clinch" knot for years without any trouble,but if there is a better one I'd like to know what it's called &how to tie it successfully.Hope this fires up some discussion.Tie One On

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    I like the Surgeon's Loop for connecting fly to tippet. If I do come off the bend of the hook for a dropper, I use the Clinch on the bend after tying the dropper on the tippet with a surgeon's loop.

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    I prefer the Eugene Bend. Been using it exclusively since 1995. It's a 100% breaking strength knot - takes a little practice to get used to, but if the tippet breaks, it's never at the knot.

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    I use the "improved clinch" which is pretty much the clinch with a double back.

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    You guys need to try putting a loop in front of the fly. It allowes you to use heavier tippet if you need to, but the fly can still freely wiggle.

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    Uni knot is my all around knot that I tie. I tie all my own leaders before the season starts for warm water species and use the uni-to-uni knot to join the sections. The surgeons knot does not work good for large diameter/test when joining line together.

    I was a big fan of the Improved clinch knot and still use it for tying my flies to steel leaders. Know I use the Uni knot. When tying to a fly, you can keep the loop that the uni knot creates to give your fly a little bit more action and is what I do. Hard fighting fish or a strong hook set will actually tighten the knot to the hook.
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    There are several for different applications, but here are my most common ones:
    1) Improved double turle for a lot of trout flies
    2) Clinch (not improved) for tiny flies
    3) Simple blood knot for tippet to leader and for making repairs to monofilament
    4) No-slip loop knot when I want a loop knot
    5) Twist melt and Albright knots for using plastic-coated steel leader

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