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Thread: braided loop connector and nail knot

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    instead of using the heat shrink I want to use a nail knot to attach a braided floating loop. what do you guys use to tie the nail knot with to secure the attachment

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    Hi, Like many others I have used The Loops attached with heatshrink & Nailknots.
    I have switched from Nail Knots to a Loop on The End of The Fly Line then I use either a piece of Braided Leader attached via Loops or A Furled Leader then The Final Leader/Tipit as it's heaps quicker changing Leaders,especially at night.
    Also read The Thread Posted By Frank where there's info how to make Loops on the end of Fly Lines,also Ard (Hardy Reels) has posted how to make The Braided Sections with Loops.

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    Default Re: braided loop connector and nail knot

    Check out the picture in Franks instructional on whipping a loop and it shows making a loop using the flyline, via two whipped areas near the bottom of page one. With a Braided Loop do it similar but different. Slide the braided loop on your line end.. Instead of whipping we will use two tube knots and to tie them get a coffee stirrer, lay it along the end of your fly line and wind some ten lb test mono over itself, the fly line and the stirrer about six times, and then insert the other tag end into the stirrer far enough to be completely under the loops, pinch the loops and stirrer with one had while sliding the entire affair off the end. of the stirrer but not the fly line. Pull both tag ends tight, slowly, with moisture until they cut into the fly line. Move down about a half inch and do it again. Coat with Sally Hansens or Knot Sense. Tube or Nail Knot - Florida Sportsman although that links say nail it's a tube knot about two clicks down the page.

    AS I indicated in Franks thread, I do use the whipped loop method and do like it also but for field repairs with no bobbin handy I use the two tube knots over the fly line looped back over itself. I've also used Dan Blanton's method of using braid to make my own loops: and it's likely the best for any time you may be shooting the loops through your guides. The other knot I use but on the leader end is one where the leader butt is roughened and inserted into the fly line and super glued in place. That one is for weedy waters and does not hang at all when retreived.
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