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    Default Clinch knot with a loop

    Hi all,

    Someone showed me a knot the other day and I can't for the life of me remember it. I do remember though that it started with a basic overhand knot to make a loop, and then a standard clinch knot, but I don't remember the finish to get the whole thing together. The idea was to have the hook hang on a little loop so that it would float more naturally.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about? What's the name of it? And how do I tie it?


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    Default Re: Clinch knot with a loop

    Sounds like a dropper loop to me. Go to and you can see how it's tied. Pretty easy good for multi fly setups.
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    Default Re: Clinch knot with a loop

    I pretty much only use streamers and this is the knot I use all the time. Its called a Non-Slip Mono Loop. Do a search and you'll find instructions for it. Its great for any sub-surface fly.
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    Default Re: Clinch knot with a loop

    Is this what you're looking for?
    Both Joni and I use the surgeons loop. No clinch knot involved.
    Surgeon's Loop Knot | How to tie a Surgeon's Loop | Fishing Knots
    Leaves a loop so the fly has movement.
    I know it has a high breaking strength, 90% or higher.
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    Default Re: Clinch knot with a loop

    I think you are either referring to a duncan loop or a non-slip loop knot
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    Default Re: Clinch knot with a loop

    It was the non-slip mono loop!

    Thanks everybody. Man, that was driving me crazy trying to find that thing.

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    Default Re: Clinch knot with a loop

    There are a lot of great sites with animated gif knot instruction, but I seem to learn much better from the many YouTube videos out there. Check 'em out.
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