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    turbineblade Guest

    Default fly line to leader using albright knot?

    Hi, is it considered okay to use an albright knot instead of a nail knot? I have the worst time trying to get nail knots to not have coils overlap...even using the kwik tie tool. I was thinking about using an albright knot to attach a short piece of braid, and then tying a figure eight loop in the braid for attaching to my leader.

    Is a loop-to-loop using braid >> mono okay, or will braid cut into mono? Thanks!

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    Default Re: fly line to leader using albright knot?

    I never had any problems with a section of 25 or 30 mono nail knotted (with a light coating of aquaseal) and a perfection loop. If you work the knot real slow and keep it wet you should be finest kind, I don't have one of those tools either I just pinch the loops till they bite and then crank down. The slipover braided loops from Rio are a good option too but again you have to throw a nail knot in there, atleast I do. One tool that did work well for me was a pen cap from the clear bic pens, the clip thingy is sloped so the mono stays tight but slips off fairly easy.
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    Default Re: fly line to leader using albright knot?

    You only have to tie a nail knot once. Your best bet is a piece of 30-50lb mono depending on the fly line size. Tie a nail knot once and put a loop on the other end of the mono. You can then loop the leader to the mon for easy change outs. Regular braided line is too limp, you will get a nasty hinge if you use braid at the e d of your fly line.
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    Default Re: fly line to leader using albright knot?

    Quick answer to your question, Yes...At least I do. As SC said 30-50 lb mono, useing an allbright knot to the flyline then coat w/ head cement, clear polish, or aquaseal. I have used this method for 30+ years and it has never failed me.....But thats just me, and I am a strange lot.
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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Re: fly line to leader using albright knot?

    Thanks folks! I decided to just bend the fly line over into a loop and then I nail knotted 3 knots to hold it down tightly. One of the nail knots has a coil overlapping another coil, but since the 3 knots are basically holding the loop closed through friction, I'm guessing that all will hold since it's not like the bad nail knot will have line pulling its coils into itself in such a way that it would "cut" itself (at least I don't think anyway).

    I'll just attach leaders with a perfection loop in the end and things should be nice and easy.

    Perfection loop okay? I can tie a good one pretty fast, but I read somewhere that figure eight and surgeon's are stronger....I don't know about any of this. All three are easy to tie, so which one?

    Thanks again -- this is extremely helpful to a newbie.

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    Default Re: fly line to leader using albright knot?

    I am a big fan of the albright knot. I use this knot in convential fishing also. When joining a large diameter line to much smaller line such as braid to mono it provides great strength w/o cutting into the other line and the knot passes thru the eyes easily. Using sealer on the knot is also a good idea.

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    Default Re: fly line to leader using albright knot?

    I use an albright between fly line and leader on most of my setups. Especially on setups that require the leader to be drawn back past the line guides. For carp I have a sink tip line with a 15' clear section. I connect 20-40lb fluoro or mono with an albright and then step down to 12-15lb. for the tip using surgeons knots or opposing clinch knots.

    *** make sure to snug down both ends of line (ie pull on tag end also) on the albright and give it a solid test. I had a few come undone when I started using that knot because it was not cinched tight enough.

    I have also used nail knots to make a loop, but it never seems to slide as smoothly as I would like through the guides. I have also made a loop by tying a figure eight in the fly line. This is good if you never want the leader pulling back into the guides as the knot is kind of large. Loops made with a fishermans knot (aka hangman's noose) have also worked for me and are very simple. The noose cinches down on the loop making it pretty secure and compact. I tried all sorts of things before finding this site

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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Re: fly line to leader using albright knot?

    So you actually tied a knot with the fly line? I've never seen that done. Also, I didn't think about how the fly line really doesn't have to pull through the guides at the fly line/leader connection (since it's a pain in the ass when it does anyway). Hmmm...very interesting.

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    Okay, so next question: Do you need your fly line >> leader connection to actually be compact enough to go through the guides well? Or is it just something you need to be able to do when you first arrive at the water to tie on your (loop on) leader?


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