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Thread: New Knot - Give this a try

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    I know there are problems with the video of my knots. I had nothing to do with the editing. The knots need to be shown being tied in real time.(also, they are shown upside down on the knot board) There is video of this. Maybe it can be fixed. Both of the knots came from the same concept. When I tied a spider hitch I did not like eating up so much of the loop by going around my thumb. I started pulling the loop between my thumb and index finger. I started thinking about tying two lines together using the same concept. That worked OK, but when I reversed the direction around the loop it became a super knot. I then tried the concept as a hook knot. I stared out with a doubled line. I found out as I tried different things the less I did the stronger the knot became. I was fishing the Cumberland tailwater in Kentucky this spring. I was fishing a Streamer Express line with a Clouser Minnow in the rocks. Before these knots if I snagged in this area I would just break off. (most times the tippet knot) This time I always pulled the fly back when I snagged in the rocks. (often with the hook point bent over) (I was using 3x Orvis Mirage Tippet)
    I hope that in time I can provide better video and instruction for the knots,
    especially the tippet to leader knot. One thing that is not shown on the video is I tied the line to line tippet knot, grabbed each end of the line with forceps (with the knot in between) and broke the line with the knot holding. (This was 3x Orvis Mirage) Using the same tippet material I tied my knot to one hook and a Trilene Knot to another. I held the hooks with forceps and broke the line between the two knots. (I expected the Trilene Knot to break)
    let me know if I can help you with any other info on these knots.


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    I am hoping this message gets to Jack. I would really like to learn his leader to tippet knot but I am struggling with it as I do find the directions confusing. Jack have you updated your instructions?

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    Nice knot....will try.

    But the bigger questions is.....They still play hockey in DC....

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    If you got to get away from the clinch knot or the improved version, the figure eight will work just fine. I'm sure there must be a thousand versions of this knot.

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    I use the Davy knot on larger flies and I just can't get away from the improved Clinch for smaller flies. 40 years of tying it and it just happens, even when I plan on trying something else.

    As for leader to tippet, or a knot for tying leaders for bass or other large fish, you are gonna have a very hard time convincing me to use anything but a seaguar knot.

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    Most people have no need or use to learn a new knot after fishing for a while. Once you learn a knot, any knot honestly, and can tie it easily and reliably....they'll hold any fish you want and will only break if you hang bottom and NEED to break off.

    So long as you know a knot to attach leader > fly line, leader > leader/tippet, and tippet > fly, you're pretty much set.

    An 80% knot that you can ALWAYS tie well beats a 95% knot that you might mess up even once in a while.

    I tried the Jack's knot and found it acceptable, but there's no reason to change from my knots that I already use and never have any problems with . So it is interesting, but not something I'll use.

    I tried the Davy several different times and with a variety of line diameters and just can't get the results a lot of people get -- mine slip as easily as an improved clinch knot where you cross 2 of the coils. Not for me.

    I use the fish killer knot and the duncan loop knot and have never had one fail.

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