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    Default George Harvey knot

    So far, the best knot that I have found for turned down or turned up fly hooks is the George Harvey knot. I tried some head to head tests using this knot against a bunch of other knots and the George Harvey knot is as strong or stronger than any of the others.

    On top of that, it is a very small knot that grips the shank of the hook just behind the eye thus the fly is pulled in a straight line.....especially important when fishing with streamers. This knot is super simple to tie and almost impossible to tie badly.

    Is anyone else using this knot?

    Harvey Dry Fly Knot - How to tie the George Harvey Dry Fly Knot
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    Default Re: George Harvey knot

    Looks like a Jansik variation to me.

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    Default Re: George Harvey knot

    Looks like a good knot, but I'll probably just stick with the Davy knot.

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