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Thread: Knot - It-Up

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    Knot tying is an art with a lot of science mixed in for those who really wnat to max their chances at a once in a lifetime fish. Change mono brands and the knots characteristics may change, change the tyer and again the characteristics change. Above that change materials and go to FC or Spectra and the knot may slip, get better, snap, or unravel. Some knots like saliva as a lube while other don't like that at all. TV shows feature one knot against another and that gives a lot of info--see "Knot Wars," as a search term. As for the Davy it's a great one at near 100 % and yes some knots/wraps do exceed the 100% while others such as the Trilene Knot is near 100% also.. Last I heard btw the "fishing fool" was top knot in the knot versus knot category.  8088
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    Trilene Knot is what I go with for hook to tippet and furled leader to tippet, blood knot for tapering.

    I have always used the Trilene or Cinch knot, depending on hook size. No issues really on either, typically my issue is using to small of a tippet for the fish size, which is user error.

    Also make sure to spit on it before pulling tight.
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