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Thread: Knot - It-Up

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    Default Knot - It-Up

    I need some advice. After reading a number of articles on Tippet/Fly knots, I came across the "Davy Knot". I want to use this knot for size 12 to 18 dry flies and small nymphs. Has anyone used this knot? All I have been using is the clinch or improved clinch knot.

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    Default Re: Knot - It-Up

    [ame=]Davy Knot & Double Surgeons Knot - YouTube[/ame]

    The knot is very simple to tie, but as the vid notes above you want the fly to be 'up side down' (point up) when you tie same. Gets really fiddly if you don't.

    One other point. As to the knot (or any knot for that matter) being 100% that's a load of tosh. A few will get close, but for the most part the leader (just because of the knot) will loose upwards of 50% of its straight breaking strength.
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    Default Re: Knot - It-Up

    I've been using this knot for over 50 years without having a name for it. My father showed it to me.
    It's very easy to tie in really cold weather (like now) when my fingers aren't really cooperating in anything complicated.
    I do make one change though.
    I tie an overhand 'stop knot' in the tag end and draw that stop knot down to the loop as I tighten it. It makes the whole thing slightly larger, but it will not pull out.

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    Default Re: Knot - It-Up

    I've read too many mixed reviews of the davy knot to trust it. That said, if you tie it well (or with a stop knot like the poster above) you might find it to be perfectly fine.

    I use a uni knot for just about any place I need a knot and find it to be easy and very, very reliable.

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    Default Re: Knot - It-Up

    The Davy knot is the same as a log hitch.

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Red face Re: Knot - It-Up

    Thanks guy, still a little but I am going to give it a try. Don't think it would give me any problems with the size of brook trout that I have been catching !!!

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    Default Re: Knot - It-Up

    I used an improved version of this knot for about 2 seasons and it worked well for me. The improvement consists of winding the tag end of the tippet twice around the tippet when forming the first loop. It doesn't need a stop knot, but I do not clip the tag flush to the knot (I leave about 1/16" of the tag).
    The original "Davy" knot has to be tightened down correctly though (or tie a "stop knot). A correctly tightened Davy knot has the tag end sticking out at a 90 degree angle to the tippet.

    Hope it helps,

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    I use the Davy knot for nymphs and dries. I do not use it for streamers. I've found that it holds up very well to a constant pull. It does not hold up well to the POP! that happens when a fish strikes a streamer that you're fishing down and across.

    I use a Eugene Bend for my streamers, it works quite well.

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    Default Re: Knot - It-Up

    I have been tying those, albeit WRONG!

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    Default Re: Knot - It-Up

    I much prefer the George Harvey knot.....especially with streamers.

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