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Thread: Blood Knot

  1. Default Blood Knot

    I would like to know if you can recommend a Tool to help me tie a good Blood Knot.

    I know some people do it successfully with nothing but Hands,
    but I am not quite sure I can do it.
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    Default Re: Blood Knot

    Start with two lenghts of p-cord and work your way down. They are not nearly as hard as people make them out to be.

    Big thing with blood knots is when you bring that first tag over after the twists, tuck it back up between you thumb and forefingers. This forces the little opening you need to slip that second tag threw. One goes in from the top and the other from the bottom.

    Have never seen a blood knot specific tool. Have seen some 'all-in-one-tools" that are suppose to make the knot tie itself, but a tool is just one more thing to hold onto and manipulate and fumble with.
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    Default Re: Blood Knot

    Try using a speed blood knot. It's much easier to tie.

    [ame=]Speed Blood Knot - YouTube[/ame]

    I've never tested this to see if it's really as strong as a true blood knot, but I suspect it is.

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    Default Re: Blood Knot

    That is a really simple and unique way to tie a blood knot variation. I suspect it is as good as a true blood knot.

    As to the OP - brucer, I bought a tool to tie blood knots and quickly found that learning to use the tool was harder than tying them by hand. It is really a simple knot to create...the hardest part, which I still struggle with, is setting the knot in heavy material. And no tool changes that. I learned a couple tricks from guys here to help with setting the knot. Gloves and an even steady pull are key.

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    Default Re: Blood Knot

    Hal Fast,

    Thanks for the video. Very helpful! Now if I could only take my iPad to the river I would stress out less in trying to remember the instructions. LOL... my iPad is last thing I need stream side, as I am out there to get away from it all and enjoy the hunt for fins.

    Again, Thanks!

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    Default Re: Blood Knot

    I use the Moodus Sports Tool. I bought it from Cabela's several years ago, not sure if they still carry it or where you can find it. Its great for making blood knots (it will also make nail knots), easy to use and makes great looking/great performing knots while wasting very little leader material (small tails). I tie my own leaders and use a double nail knot for the butt sections and the blood knot using this tool for the rest of the leader.


  10. Default Re: Blood Knot


    Well, I was looking for some kind of an "easy and simple" instruction, and it seems you sure provided one. That's a very good and serviceable instruction. Thanks. That guy has an honest face.
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    Default Re: Blood Knot

    Once in a while I will use the blood knot, but most the time I use a double-uni for connecting different lines. I find that it is just as strong, faster, and easier to tie. Definitely worth looking up and learning.


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    Default Re: Blood Knot

    Bruce, Anyone with normal dexterity can tie a blood knot with just his hands. Ross Parnell's knot, while clever, is denying a salient mechanical strength yielding feature of this seminal knot, symmetry. Its integrity stems from its symmetry. It is a must know and elegant knot for all fly fishers to master and the way to learn it is to not tie it while a fish is rising and the water is cold...practice it with bright light and 2X tippet at home. With a diagram before you just tie it over and over again until...oh my gosh I think I've got it!

    After some time you can tie it in near dark just by muscle memory and feel. It is the among the strongest and surely handsomest tippet knot and let your fingers be the only tool you rely upon.

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    Default Re: Blood Knot

    Dennison blood knot tool!
    I bought one, used it once, then bought a second so I'd always have a spare!

    [ame=]How to tie a blood knot using a blood knot tool. - YouTube[/ame]

    Dennison Blood Knot Tyer/Vise

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