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  1. Default Re: Best knot, tippet to fly knot test for Permit and Bonefish loop knot is using Grand Max .011/16.5lb, .012/18.5, .013/20.7...weigh a full gallon of paint usually 10-12 lbs...tie on hook then wrap around a wood dowel leave about 3feet line for stretch hook the paint can and then lift ...those all will do it but using either the Kreh mod or the Rapala the .011 needs a careful knot the others I can make do..for my purpose 10 lbs is good for those thinner than .011 for 12lb I cannot lift 10lb. However, it's the knot connecting the tippet to leader (fluro to fluro or fluro to nylon) that presented the most breaks using the 10lb paint can. For me the slim beauty worked the best but required tight cinching of the knot with lip balm...the loops did not break...the .011 required the most careful tie...whereas the .013 to the leader worked even when I had couple of shots in me when I tied the slim beauty...before my next trip in late June I am going to lift with a blood knot where the diameter differential between the tippet and leader end is .004 or less

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    bonefish, I would welcome your testing my preferred Ligature Knot. I use Bloods for leader construction save for tippet attachment where I employ this Ligature.

    Ligature Knot s.jpg

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    ss will do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter1023 View Post
    The Davy Knot is all I use now (also known as figure eight knot). I literally can tie on a new fly in less than 10 seconds...and while you'll hear studies referenced about the "knot strength issues"....I cannot remember the last time I had knot failure on even a 20" brown using 6x. Its also a small knot - which is great when using smaller dries Just my .02 as it has worked tremendously for me and I never looked back
    Ditto on the Davy.

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    SS: The early results are in: Now me arthritic fingers prolonged the tying as well as my lacking skills in knot tying
    Fluro to Fluro Sci Anglers stated 30lb diameter .018in leader end; tippet Seaguar GrandMax FX stated 20.7lb at .013in...leader knot Ligature to tippet then Kreh loop to hook used lip balm....filled jug with water weighed 13.5 lbs dead lift three times Ligature held Loop failed...reduced jug to 10 lb retied all held two times then continued with same tie to 11lb all held...considering this was my first time Ligat I'm sold for now tomorrow I will use the slim beauty...however dead lift 11 lbs that will work for me and Permit

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    I have some arthritis too and the Ligature is not the easiest knot to assemble. But I have never had one fail.

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    I think the best knot is whatever one you can tie well and tie well consistently.

    I've experimented a lot with knots, trying to learn new (to me) knots and testing them against each other. I've settled, for now anyway, on the non-slip loop for heavy stuff and the improved clinch for the light stuff. The clinch isn't the strongest knot I can tie, but when I pull it tight I know when I've tied it well and that it'll hold. Break offs are very rare for me, and are almost never at a knot, so I'm happy with what knots I'm presently using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by planettrout View Post
    Here is a knot strength chart from Yellowstone Anglers, using various tippet materials :

    Fly Fishing knot comparison Chart - Yellowstone Angler

    I generally use a Uni Knot (Duncan Loop) and have experienced no problems over the last 30 years or so..

    To me this is the most reliable from thin tippet to thicker ones. I use one of 3, Uni/Blood/double Davy, I think the last one is the least robust but I use it for dry fly usually, unless the fly is tedious to tie in which case I use Uni for security.

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    Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #8 -- Use the Davy Knot -- Here's why | Troutbitten

    I believe I first heard about the website when reading a thread on this website. It has a ton of very good information.

    Based on what I read on that website I switched to the Davy Knot for trout fishing. At least so far I have not had a failure; and this includes landing my largest Brown Trout to date, on the San Juan a couple of weeks ago. My guess is it was close to five pounds and it definitely gave me and my Davy Knot a pretty good workout.
    -Rick Allen

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    More complicated the knot is, more chances of failure.

    Orvis/Baker or Davy is my vote.

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