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Thread: Uni knot

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    Hi to all,

    Pocono, I agree with what you say. It doesn't take much of a loop to gain the advantage of using a loop.

    Yatehay, the Tie Fast only ties one type of knot. With that knot you can snell hooks and tie a knot any place you might use the Uni Knot. You can tie on a fly like they describe in the instructions.

    Tying on a fly

    1. Thread the tippet through the eye of the fly and fold back the tag end.

    2. Hook the fly on the back of the thumb rest and then take the tag end and tie the knot keeping the loops under your thumb.

    3. After the wraps and you have thread the tag end back through the loops, you need to take the tag end and jerk the wraps out from under your thumb and off of the tool.

    4. Now pull the knot down to the size you want and tighten the knot with out closing the loop. If you don't want a loop knot pull the knot down tight against the hook.

    You can also use the Tie Fast knot if you want to connect two lines together. When I first got my Tie Fast tool I took a fine stone smoothed the edges where you loop the leader material. I found that with light tippets the edges were too sharp. After honing the edges I didn't have any problems with light tippets. I only use my tool for places I need a nail knot or when salt water fishing. I find it a good way to add a tippet on a saltwater leader.

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    I thought so. I must have been a little confused by the sidetrack talk about the Tie Fast tool.
    I tried the uni-knot yesteday on a size 24 trico and it gave the fly just enough wiggle to fool a couple nice very picky fish on the Dream Stream. Used a parachute cast straight down stream in a slow moving current. Just as the fly passed a large rock that I'd seen a riser, he took the fly.
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    Here's is a link for the hemostat Uni, which is a a great all round knot:
    YouTube - Fly fishing hemostat knot

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    I have been using the Uni Knot for about 25 years. I tie it with my fingers - no hemostat. I use an extra loop when joining mono to fluro. I use it for ALL my connections - no problemo.

    Another great knot is the Pitzen Knot. I was suggested to me by a reader of my Blog...I will always take tips. I will never know, all there is to know, about this endeavor.

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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    Cool 3x Bowline--you could be famous. Being an old sailor I can tie a Bowline in a paper bag behind my back, in the dark, and after too much... sun, but I gotta ask: Do the three turns add anything?

    By the way, if you lay the tag end under you index finger and cross the standing line (after leaving the fly) and do a downward push with a twist back towards yourself, you form the proper loop every time and have already fed the loop the first time. Makes it just a tad faster.

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    I'm an old sailor, too Softouch333. That's where it came from.

    I've used bowlines in storms to tie off my boats to ocean markers. And, everytime, I've use a bowline. It's never let me down. It has way more "horsepower" than is needed to attach a fly to tippet, but it's quick, flexible and does the job for me.

    If you break-off with a bowline, you can be sure that it wasn't the knot; it was the trout!

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