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  1. Default Frog Hair Blood Knot Tool

    I am thinking about trying to tie my own leaders and was looking at the "Frog Hair Blood Knot Tool" just wondering if anybody has any feedback on this tool.

    Yukon Jack

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    Default Re: Frog Hair Blood Knot Tool

    Hi Jack,

    Whoops, I didn't edit your post. I hit the edit key by mistake.

    Here is the tool that Jack is asking about. I think somebody bought one of these not too long ago.


    Frog Hair Blood Knot Tool

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    Thanks Frank, I thought Joni said in a past post that she has used one, but maybe it was just the frog hair leaders she has used not sure.

    Yukon Jack

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    Default Re: Frog Hair Blood Knot Tool

    Yukon Jack,

    Joni did have a post (which I can't now seem to find) that said she used both the Frog Hair leaders and the Frog Hair Blood Knot tying tool that comes in the Frog Hair Leader Tying Kit (or separately - Cabela's & others list them both). I have that kit also which I bought after Joni's recommendation, and can tell you that that tool (see Frank's post for image) is the easiest way for me to tie up a leader with Blood Knots. There is also a small tool - goes by the name of the Dennison Research Blood Knot Tier - that is suitable for streamside Blood Knot tying (image below), but it's not as easy to use in my opinion, although if you're in a situation where you're forced to tie a Blood Knot while on the water, it's your best option.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Thanks for the help Fly2, I am still able to tie them by hand to add a tippet but it is a pain sometimes. I don't think I would enjoy tying up leaders if I had to do them all by hand. I am going to pick up one of the kits as soon as I can get over to Cabela's.

    Thanks again,

    Yukon Jack

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