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    Default Re: Fly line to loop or not to loop?

    What I do when fishing a nylon leader is the loop to loop, but....I tie a heavier piece of mono/nylon line with a nail knot to the fly line, but on the other end is a loop. Now I tie a loop to loop connection to the 8 inch piece of mono to my leader.

    This way, I don't have to clip off the end of my fly line to change my leader. I just un-loop it, and put on a new leader.

    But these days I use only a furled leader, so even with the 8 inch heavier piece of mono, everything is loop to loop.
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    Loop at end of backing big enough to put a fly line spool through, loop at end of fly line (have been using factory loops with no problems), loop at end of leader big enough to get a tippet with a fly through.

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    Default Re: Fly line to loop or not to loop?

    I always reserved leader loops for purposes of connecting the tippet to a streamer fly. However, when fly line leader loops were recently born I have been using them without failure or hinge both fore and aft. Although this thread is about a leader to line connection, my favorite use is skagit head or fly line to running line or backing. A bimini twist loop large enough to pass the reel through makes changing fly lines and skagit heads a relative breeze. Now, loops are my friends...

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    Default Re: Fly line to loop or not to loop?

    Yeah....the one thing I can't stand is the nicely welded loop at the end of like 6"-8" of flat...level, DEAD line. If there is that dead portion of line at the end I usually cut the loop off and tie off with nail? knot...[or other name]. If I can't discern a flat, level bit of line I'll tie a nail? knot and simply finish by pulling end through the loop and slowly pull everything tight. Shows how limited my style of fishing has been ...and how late I often am in Am about to go 4G+ with a Smartphone.....crawling out from under my rock

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    Default Re: Fly line to loop or not to loop?

    I've used loop to loop connections for almost 20 years.

    For years I made my own loops. When fly line companies started making welded loops on most of their lines I was very pleased.

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    Default Re: Fly line to loop or not to loop?

    There is an article by Lefty Krey in the December 1984 (yeah, 1984) edition of Fly Fisherman magazine where he recommends loop-to-loop connections in the end of fly lines and in tippet connections. He also recommends, what we would call today, "furled leaders". It took the industry about 30 years to catch up and put loops in the end of fly lines and they haven't even started to acknowledge the superiority of furled leaders yet. But of course.....if they did that....they wouldn't sell as many leaders, "fast action" flyrods, "half-line-weight heavier" fly lines, or other gimmicks.

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    Default Re: Fly line to loop or not to loop?

    Loop to Loop. I've been using furled leaders for about 20 years now. So I've always used loop to loop to connect fly line to leader. And loop to loop to attach the leader to the tippet.
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