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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty macfly View Post

    Knot Perfect is good though.

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    Default Re: Chapstick as Knot Lubricant

    Silver alluded to it in his post, and I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it, but fly floatant is an excellent knot lubricant. I don't use it on all knots, but I use Poo-Goo (or whatever fly floatant you use) to crank down my blood knots. I work the knot to where it just starts to tighten up. Then I get a large drop of floatant between my thumb and forefinger, and roll the knot back and forth, working from one of the coils to another. I grip the tag ends in my lips to keep them out of the way, and pop that knot down. Forms beautiful coils on a blood knot, and the Poo-Goo works into the coils on the blood knot better than ChapStick does.

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    Default Re: Chapstick as Knot Lubricant

    I often apply SPF lip balm to protect against lip sun burn, which hurts. So, if I have it on and I moisten my knot with saliva, I suppose I'm using lip balm too.

    If a coil based knot starts to balk during tightening, try pushing the coils together with your thumb nail to aid in smoothly sliding it closed.

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    Default Re: Chapstick as Knot Lubricant

    Silver Creek beat me to it--I was going to quote McGuane's article that mentions George Anderson using Chap Stick: "otherwise you overheat these copolymers."

    Makes sense I suppose, but I just use spit and haven't had any issues. As S&S mentions above, I do use SPF lip balm if I'm saltwater fly fishing so I suppose I so get a bit of balm on my knots.


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    Like someone stated, great for getting heavy, stiff mono blood knots to seat tightly ang smoothly. That’s & the seagar are about the only knots I use it for.

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    Default Re: Chapstick as Knot Lubricant

    Quote Originally Posted by flytie09 View Post
    Spit is free..... But if you were a guide..... chap stick might be a more hygenic option than slobbering all over other people's line or while on nasty water loaded with parasites.
    Beats the Valtrex prescription, I say.

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    Default Re: Chapstick as Knot Lubricant

    I don't use chapstick, but I do use Vicks lip care for floatant. Better then what you can buy and about 1/3 the price. I have one I bought about20 years ago and am still using it. That tells you how much I fish with floating flies.

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    I've used it for years for heavy leader material without any problems. In my experience saliva isn't sufficient for heavy and/or stiff material.

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    Default Re: Chapstick as Knot Lubricant

    Chapstick may be okay for leader or tippet knots, but for the tippet to fly knot, I'd be worried about getting the fly hook stuck in my lip.

    That was meant to be a joke.

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    Default Re: Chapstick as Knot Lubricant


    I have actually watched vids of people bragging about using lip bomb to make the knot slip down tighter, however I always thought to my self why? I use spit and my knots tighten right down especially if you pull hard enough-perhaps use lip bomb if you have little pencil arms?-lol


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