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    Interesting comment. I do not set the book "hard" when fly fishing. I guess when you have Fished
    for 60 years you learn a few things.

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    I popped a fish off on the strike on the Henry's Fork this past June. I was shocked as I could not recall the last time I did that! Turned out my knot didn't fail, the tippet broke in the middle, I gave it a pull and it broke again. I pulled the offending spool out of my vest pocket, it wasn't that old but it was no good, so I switched to an alternative spool of 5X and, no problem. Assuming well tied and tested knots and a practiced, dexterous slip-strike, one shouldn't break a knot on a dry fly take.

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    Have never had a clinch knot fail that was tied properly. Want to tie em easily, look up youtube on how to tie a clinch knot with ur forecips. Quick n easy.

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