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    Visual inspection of a knot is a part of the knot tying process; executing, thoroughly tightening and inspecting for flaws. A note on tying coil based knots as I did countless times last week in the Bahamas, when tightening and you feel frictional resistance, stop. Using your thumb nail, push the coils together then restart snugging. I performed most of my leader Nail Knots at home pre-departure and replaced tippets, 20 - 15#, on the boat using the Ligature Knot...a bit more complex and using more tippet material to tie that a Blood knot but stronger. All our flies where tied on with a six turn, Non-Slip Loop Knot; mostly tied by me but my wife tied her own several times too.

    In a weeks bonefishing, we endured zero knot failures. We lost a few flies to tippets cut by sharp things like gnarly mangrove roots and shark's teeth but only one break off involved a knot. No, my wife's Non-Slip Loop did not unravel nor slip, rather the loop through the hook eye parted in the 20# Flouro! I've never seen that before and do not understand why and it was probably her biggest bone too.

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    Default Re: If the knot looks bad...

    Looks bad or feels bad. I've been tying the same terminal knots now for almost 40 years and I can feel it when I tie a knot wrong, especially when I try to cinch it tight. I don't even bother wondering about it anymore; I just cut it off and start over. Sometimes this had cost me a chance at a fish, because it slips away or whatever. But I'm fairly certain that EVERY time I fished a bad knot and got a hit, the knot failed, usually immediately.
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