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    Default Re: What Knot Can This be?

    Look at the “ J” knot

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    Default Re: What Knot Can This be?

    I was thinking double or triple surgeon's as well based on your description.

    While I can't come up with another idea what your knot might be, I might be able to give you an alternate easy-to-tie connection knot for you, the Seaguar knot. This guy ties it almost exactly the same way I do:

    I have been using this knot for many years now and can vouch for both its simplicity as well as its consistent strength.

    I do three things differently when tying this knot.

    First, I don't bother 'folding' the doubled line over itself; rather I just push the tag ends towards the other, and the doubled lines fold over by themselves forming the loop.

    Second, I use my hemostats/needle-nose pliers to twist the loop instead of my fingers. This allows me to use less overall line; about 4 inches instead of 6-8.

    Third, I twist the loop three (3) times instead of two. Then, just like his fingers, I use my hemostats to grasp the tag ends and pull them through the thrice-twisted loop. Once the tag end and about 2-3 inches of the tippet come through, I let go with the hemostats and use my finger to draw the rest of the tippet through.

    Finally, I have learned to thoroughly lubricate the knot before tightening to eliminate any possibility of curling the line.

    The benefits to using this knot are: extremely simple and quick to tie, even in very low light or if you have an issue seeing up close, as I do. This knot can be tied by feel.

    As long as you remember to lubricate thoroughly before tightening, extremely consistent break strength performance.

    Absolutely non-slip.

    Very flat, low-profile knot.

    Did I mention really easy and quick to tie?

    Anyway, good luck in your search for your knot, but if you can't find it, you might give this one a try.

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