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  1. Default whip finish knot

    can anybody explain how to do this or at least another finishing knot that won't come undone.

  2. Default Re: whip finish knot

    I do the "Half Hitch" and dab of head cement, its easy and effective.

    Video ==> YouTube - Half Hitch

    or you want you can do "Hand Whip Finish"

    Video ==> YouTube - Hand Whip Finish

    or if you really prefer to use the "Whip Finisher Tool"

    Video ==> YouTube - Fly Fishing - Fly Tying : How To Use a Whip Finisher

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    Although slightly intimidating at first, once used to using a whip finishing tool, i feel its the only way to go. After using it on a couple flies, its second nature. I watched a video on utube showing how to use it, very helpful.

    All my flies seem to be very durable using the whip finish, it's also more accurate when tying off small flies. I use the whip finish and then add a coat of "hard as nails" clear polish to all my fly heads.

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    yeah i wish i could watch it but i only have dial up internet so i couldn't watch it if i wanted to. And i do use the half hitch but it comes undone even after the head cement is applied and dried on it.

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    Default Re: whip finish knot

    Hi basher,

    Here is a link that shows how to do a whip finish using both methods. It will take a while to load the page but it uses photos and not video.

    What head cement are you using?


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    use a half hitch or 2 and then use a whip finish with a dab of head cement. I have both whip finishing tools. my fav tool to use is the Matarelli Whip Finisher Style. the Thompson is more complicated in my opinion.
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    In the immortal words of Devo...I say whip it! Whip it good! I keep super glue around in case of emergencies. My bobbin tightens up sometimes and busts the thread at the end so if need be I put a tiny dab of it on the head or the head to be. It sinks in great and dries quickly and we all know how strong super glue is. After that I can retie a new whipped head, hit it with head cement, or leave it alone depending on where and when the thread broke.


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    Default Re: whip finish knot

    Before you tie a half hitch put a little, 1/2" or so, of head cement or " Hard as Nails" on the thread. When you wrap the hitch it's glued down. I do this on any fly head under size 18, either on a 1/2 hitch or whip finish. It keeps the glue out of the eyes.

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    thanks guys for all your help.

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