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    Default Re: Stronger loop to loop

    You could always pre-tie your wire to a short section of mono or fluoro with an Albright to the wire and a loop of your choice on the other end. Then loop to loop mono to mono. Albright's are the only connections I've ever used that are both fast and strong to doubled wire that are not very susceptible to cutting through by the wire.

    Breaking a 40 Lb Seaguarloop takes one hell of a lot of pressure if you did not get a bad spool of it. I have snapped off 5/0 and 6/0 Gami's with 60# Seaguar using both non-slip Lefty loops and crimped loops. I've never gotten a bad spool of Seaguar. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: Stronger loop to loop

    Quote Originally Posted by original cormorant View Post
    Interesting to learn that surgeons is stronger than perfection.
    I'll use the perfection loop anytime I can

    a) They come out straight from the standing line, not cockeyed like the surgeons
    b) You can tie then as small as you want
    c) I can tie one in the dark.
    But I've learned to never use one on the tippet side of my leader. That will be where the break comes every time.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    The Perfection Loop is an excellent loop in thick material where strength is a non-issue. A Surgeon's is much stronger and much bulkier making it more applicable in thinner material. Though I employ both where appropriate, actual knots are in general superior to loop-to-loops connections which exist really mostly for the Bimini in your backing to the reinforced loop at the end of you line if you are a fellow who switches lines about.

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    [QUOTE=wjc;1271960]You could always pre-tie your wire to a short section of mono or fluoro

    That sounds a good work around but I reckon I need to get my albrights to a " tie on the boat level". My knot tying approach is to have a small but practiced repetoire because I believe much of the strength of a knot is in its closing and I'll get that right if I tie it a lot. To date I've only used albrights for attaching heavy mono bite tippets - off the boat. On the boat I've tended to use a slim beauty or modified slim beauty.

    This was fishing to chum with a fly tied on a 2/0 or 4/0 circle hook and was blamed on a "big mutton" by the guide. Earlier I'd been broken at the catspaw with 25lb seaguar and a gummy minnow - blamed on a "big mutton" by the guide (which is why I was fishing 40lb straight through). 15 years ago on the same island a break in a whipped loop (loop to looped mono cut through fly line) on a tt #12 was also attributed to a "big mutton" . So the guides tend to blame break-offs to powerful fish on muttons. We had seen big tiger sharks in the vicinity and a bait angler was spooled a couple of days later. So who knows what it was.
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    I have never seen a video that demonstrates the proper ways of tying the "Albright Knot".

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