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    Default Knots for autritest

    Hi, I'm 69, getting bad case of autritest in my hands, It's getting hard to tie knots . I went to loop to loop for line to leader and tippet. Now I need a knot for tippet to fly. Suggestions welcomed.

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    Default Re: Knots for autritest

    I have the same hand issues. The Davy knot is the easiest for me to tie on light leaders. If you tighten the tag end of the line at a 90 degree angle from the knot, then clinch it down you won't have any slippage issues.

    tying the davy knot - Yahoo Video Search Results

    For heavier test leaders I'll use the clinch knot.

    how to tie a clinch knot - Yahoo Video Search Results

    I always wet my knots with some saliva before drawing them down.

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    Default Re: Knots for autritest

    dennyk, Thanks . The davy looks easy , I even think I can tie it. lol. Going to start practicing today. Have a great 4th.

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    Default Re: Knots for autritest

    Plastic "hackle pliers", a.k.a. plunger style make that knot easy peasy....especially in the winter.

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