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    Default Re: Trouble tying the Perfection loop.

    My trick to control the loop size is by pulling the MAIN line slowly while pinching the knot. Then I'll use the tip of my hemostats to cinch down everything.
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    Default Re: Trouble tying the Perfection loop.

    Honestly I learned to tie it by watching a video put out by Mad River Outfitters. Brian explains and demonstrates it super simple and I haven't had an issue tying it yet, due to that video.
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    Default Re: Trouble tying the Perfection loop.

    Quote Originally Posted by ny yankee View Post
    Usually, when I try, I pull the second loop through the first and the whole knot just slips and unravels. After a few tries, it finally works. This is a simple knot but I keep having trouble. any suggestions?
    Have someone show it to you in-person, not one of those online animated knot things but just sitting down doing it as many times as it takes to get it right. Once you get it, it's like riding a bike, you're set for life on that knot.

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    Default Re: Trouble tying the Perfection loop.

    In addition to retying the knot a few times/day for reinforcing the movements, I've found that some knots are initially easier to learn when one uses string or at least a thicker mono... So give string a try with your perfection loop.
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    I appreciate everyone's' help! Seem to be doing OK now. Learn something new every day!

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