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Thread: Nail Knot

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    Default Nail Knot

    Could I use a nail knot to tie the leader to the tippet? I am very bad at knots but I have a tie-knot fast tool (can only be used to tie nail knots, I think) so I was wondering how often and in different situations I could use it.
    Thanks, Cabot

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    Hey Cabot,
    If I am correct, I have the same knot tying tool as you have got. I usually just tie two nail knots and slide them together... I know it isn't really the right thing to do, but it's pretty close really. lol
    I haven't had any problems with that connection, but I don't know what kind of fishing you will be doing. I use this setup because with leaders and tippet, if you don't use two of these knots, then one of them will slide off the leader and it will really be useless as you can probably see.
    I don't know if anyone else has any better ideas (and I'm sure there are a lot better ones out there) But that is what works for me.
    Hopefully this helps some!

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    Default Re: Nail Knot

    Cabot: I don't see why the nail knot would not work. However, have you ever tried tying the Surgeons knot, it is a pretty easy knot, even for someone like me that doesn't have very good eyesight. All that is involved is taking about 6-8 inches of both ends and laying then together and then all you do is tie an overhand knot and then do it again.
    Check this out: Surgeon's Knot

    Or check out this site, it has animated knots where you can see the tying multiple times: Grog's Fishing Knots Index


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    Default Re: Nail Knot

    Ditto Larry's comments about the Surgeon's Knot. It's pretty much standard
    for attaching tippet, and almost impossible to get wrong . In fact, tying
    shoe laces is more complicated than a surgeon's knot !

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    Default Re: Nail Knot

    give this site a shot very good for learning knots

    Grog's Fishing Knots Index

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    Default Re: Nail Knot

    Yup, double surgeons for tippet to leader.

    While you're at the grog animated knots site, it would be good to learn the perfection loop too (for making in-line loops for loop to loop connections)- it will come in handy.


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    Default Re: Nail Knot

    Hi bekiu002,

    Yes, absolutely you can tie your tippet on with two nail knots. It is the same as using two Uni knots. Two Uni Knots can be used when larger diameter mono is tied together. It does use up you leader as you change tippets.

    The Surgeon's Knot is very simple and quick to tie. I don't like it because the knot does not lie straight and is bulky with heavier mono.

    Like Peregrines suggested, I use a loop to loop connection to fasten the tippet on. It is the quickest way for me and very easy to change tippets. It also keeps you from cutting off any of the leader every time you tie on a tippet.


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    Hi Cabot.
    Even there are several knots that you can use, simple solution just try tying a few & use the one which is the easiest for you & doesn't pull apart, if you are going to keep fishing,you have to rely on your knots,& if not tied correctly,you will loose lots of fish,remember Murphy's Law.
    Good Luck.

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    IMHO, the easiest good-quality leader-to-tippet connection is nesting clinch knots (aka, the basic bluegill bait hook fishing knot). Bend the leader over to form a "U" and tie an improved clinch knot on that U using the tippet. Then turn it over in your hand and repeat by tying an improved clinch in the leader onto the tippet, moisten, and snug the two knots together. It's quick, it lays down completely flat, and everyone should be able to tie the knot in their sleep. Pretty decent knot strength too.

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    leader to tippet = double surgeon's knot. Simple and strong.

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