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    Default SA/Hardy #9 Trout Spey !

    Here we have a SA/Hardy #9 with a spare spool. The reel has some slight rim rash and light scuffs on the palming rim but otherwise clean. IMO this makes an excellent trout spey reel and it balances perfectly on the 4116 & 5116. I find it a tad heavy for the 3110 but I can overlook that for it's other merits. The reel has the dual pawl and not the hoop design discussed in another post. Full cage you no longer need to be concerned if you fish OPST Laser.

    [IMG]mac keyboard tester[/IMG]

    The picture is the actual reel you will recieve with the spare spool and cases. The price is $275 plus shipping and insurance (est. $13.00)

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    Default Re: SA/Hardy #9 Trout Spey !

    "SA System 8 is same as Marquis 8/9 3 5/8" dia. x 11/16" wide
    SA System 9 is same as Marquis 10 3 3/4" dia.
    SA System 10 is same as Marquis Salmon 1 3 7/8"" dia. x 15/16" wide
    SA System 11 has no Marquis equiv. 4" dia. x 15/16" wide
    Marquis Salmon 2 has no SA equiv. 4 1/8" dia. x 1 3/16" wide
    Marquis Salmon 3 has no SA equiv. 4 1/8" dia. x 1 9/16" wide

    widths are the inside dimensions of the spools"

    credits to Bill Kliene

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    Default Re: SA/Hardy #9 Trout Spey !

    Bumping this up and just a comment for those giving these a thought. I looked them up and while what few were sold on the auction site went for a tad less , they didn't compare condition wise. These reels have seen limited use if any at all and a great match for the #4 trout spey. I think they would be a good fit with a #7 SH line too , particularly a long head or Airflo lines (Streamer MAX?) which them to take up a lot of space.

    Adding backing will build the hub to 2 1/4" dia. and with a Rio running line weights in at 7.6 oz
    I have attached a 275 grain and 305 grain skagit with room to spare.

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    Default Re: SA/Hardy #9 Trout Spey !


    Size comparison next to Abel Super 6n

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    Default Re: SA/Hardy #9 Trout Spey !


    Compared next to Super 7/8n

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    Default Re: SA/Hardy #9 Trout Spey !

    2 sold with 2 still available. Price drop for a set (reel&spool) is $250 plus actual shipping/Insurance.

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    Default Re: SA/Hardy #9 Trout Spey !

    Thanks Paul, excited to get the reel/spool!

    (Bump back up)


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    Default Re: SA/Hardy #9 Trout Spey !

    I now only have 1 of these left and zero spare spools. The remaining reel is in good condition but not as nice as the ones above. There is some rim rash but no major nicks or dings. The palming rim is not as shiny. I am going to discount this remaining reel to $165.00 plus actual shipping and insurance. Although the remaining reel is not on par with the ones already sold, it smokes the ones I compared it to on the auction site.
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