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allenflyfishing 09-24-2012 10:05 AM

New Barbless Hooks from Allen
We are now starting to release our series of Barbless hooks. We have 3 styles being introduced today with several others in the next 45 days.

D101BL - Allen Fly Fishing Store
N203BL - Allen Fly Fishing Store
N204BL - Allen Fly Fishing Store

Thank you,


fredaevans 10-08-2013 10:03 PM

Re: New Barbless Hooks from Allen
Bump this up to the top. Real barbless hooks are damned hard to find in the US. I've had to order mine out of the UK ... no more!!


busbus 10-09-2013 06:29 AM

Re: New Barbless Hooks from Allen
Barbless hooks are great--one less t hing I need to do whenever I sit and tie some flies. But I have a question: Why do they cost more? Especially >50% more?

Is it because different equipment is needed? I cannot believe it is harder to produce a barbless hook but what do I know? Maybe it is... Maybe it it harder to produce a sharp edge? Maybe there is actually more steps?

But all that said, I like them! Even after I squish the normal hooks, there is a bit of a barb there. And there are also times when the barb breaks off and goes flying...somewhere. Makes me want to put on safety glasses whenever that happens. Of course, I am more careful with my eyes because my father was watching his older brother saw a piece of metal with a hacksaw and a piece of metal flew into his eye and he lost it. Grossest thing in the world whenever I was a young kid and saw my dad's glass eye fell out for the first and only time. Had nightmares for weeks! LOL!

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