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Thread: New Barbless Hooks from Allen

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    Default New Barbless Hooks from Allen

    We are now starting to release our series of Barbless hooks. We have 3 styles being introduced today with several others in the next 45 days.

    D101BL - Allen Fly Fishing Store
    N203BL - Allen Fly Fishing Store
    N204BL - Allen Fly Fishing Store

    Thank you,


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    Bump this up to the top. Real barbless hooks are damned hard to find in the US. I've had to order mine out of the UK ... no more!!

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    Default Re: New Barbless Hooks from Allen

    Barbless hooks are great--one less t hing I need to do whenever I sit and tie some flies. But I have a question: Why do they cost more? Especially >50% more?

    Is it because different equipment is needed? I cannot believe it is harder to produce a barbless hook but what do I know? Maybe it is... Maybe it it harder to produce a sharp edge? Maybe there is actually more steps?

    But all that said, I like them! Even after I squish the normal hooks, there is a bit of a barb there. And there are also times when the barb breaks off and goes flying...somewhere. Makes me want to put on safety glasses whenever that happens. Of course, I am more careful with my eyes because my father was watching his older brother saw a piece of metal with a hacksaw and a piece of metal flew into his eye and he lost it. Grossest thing in the world whenever I was a young kid and saw my dad's glass eye fell out for the first and only time. Had nightmares for weeks! LOL!
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