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Thread: Introductory ECHO Fly Rod Sale

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    Default Introductory ECHO Fly Rod Sale

    As you guys already know, Echo makes a fine fly rod. They are probably the best for the money you can get. So we, South Holston River Fly Shop, would like to make an Introductory offer to the North American Fly Fishing Community on Echo rods.
    All rods listed are New In tube factory 2013 Echo Fly Rods. All are 4 piece rods that come with a Lifetime Warranty.
    All rods include FREE SHIPPING

    Echo Carbon : Regular $169- SALE $149

    Echo Edge Rods- Regular $229- SALE $185 Medium to Medium Fast rod. A little heavier than a $600 rod. But perfect action for Dry Fly and Dry Dropper fishing. They fish like a Winston Bllt.

    Echo 3 Rods- Regular $349- SALE $260- Fast rods with soft tips to protect light tippets. Very light in hand rod. The 9' 4 wt. is my soft hackle rod. It is sensitive like a soft hackle rod should be. Lot's of guys use it as nymph High Sticking rod.
    Again the above prices include FREE SHIPPING.

    Got you some other goodies on the Hot Deals page, also. The Redington Pro Sonic Zippered Stocking Foot wader, regular Pro Sonic Redington Stockingfoot waders, and the Redington Pro Sonic Wading Pants. All are on SALE and have Free shipping.

    We can do this kind of Sale on any Echo rod you want: Spey included. Shoot me an email or call and we will work out the details.
    We hope this is the beginning of a long relationship here.
    Thank you for you time.
    Rod Champion
    South Holston River Fly Shop

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    Default Re: Introductory ECHO Fly Rod Sale

    ****, never mind. I was hoping the Echo 3 SW was on sale as well.

    These are great deals on AWESOME rods people, grab them up!

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    Default Re: Introductory ECHO Fly Rod Sale

    Looks like your wish was granted further up the page!
    Paul Sharman
    Fish and Fly Ltd

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    Default Re: Introductory ECHO Fly Rod Sale

    I assume this sale is long over? What about a matching real? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Introductory ECHO Fly Rod Sale

    swrap- shoot me an email with what you are looking for..
    Thanks ,

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