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    Default No need to worry about dinging up your wood fly box!...

    ...I did it for you!

    By far, the number 1 reason people say they wouldn't carry a nice wood fly box is they're afraid to damage it. Well, it's no secret the "distressed wood" look is in! So my newest fly box design is sporting the distressed look. I got the damage started for you

    The #2 reason I hear is that a wood box is too heavy. My boxes are extremely light weight! My "Riffle" fly boxes average less than 2.5 oz! This is accomplished by using extremely stable, strong hardwoods that can be milled thin enough to find a great balance of weight and strength. I then coat them inside and out with a minimum of 4 coats of oil based SPAR Urethane. SPAR Urethane is highly water resistant and has a flexible nature to move with the wood... AND you just cant believe how soft and smooth I polish each box. It is hard to describe what they feel like in your hands. I think if people could touch and feel these boxes, I wouldn't be able to make them fast enough! Those of you that have one know

    Enough tech stuff. heres some new boxes!!!!

    I left my cigar boxes and Riffle Flyboxes together for 5 minutes and the dang things interbred My new Riffle boxes have that amazing burl veneer and my new cigar boxes have that rough, distressed edge

    Here's what's available.
    These all have a main body of black walnut.
    "the Riffle" fly boxes are $50. Cigar boxes fit two Robusto cigars and are $40 (Cigars not included)

    Myrtle Burl




    English Brown Oak Burl



    Black Walnut Burl



    Here's a couple standard fly boxes made from high grade Spalted Maple with fish engravings. I am giving the option for rippled foam insterts on these two. If you prefer my custom rippled cork, please specify.

    This one is 4x6" and $90


    This is 3x5" and $75. SOLD


    Please feel free to ask any questions here, or PM me, or email at

    Also visit Flygrain for a huge selection of wood goods.

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