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  1. Default Bullet Flies : Micro nymphs for educated trouts

    Hi there,

    We are new trade members on the forum and we'd like to introduce here a new product: micro nymphs made of painted lead available at Micro nymphs for educated trouts - Bullet Flies

    These nymphs are made with a technology totally different from conventional fly tying, and allow anglers to present very small and realistic patterns that drift close to the bottom.

    We have created a collection of Bullet Flies specifically adapted to American fish found in rivers with high fishing pressure. We tested our products on the Frying Pan River, the South Platte River and the Green River to find the best size of painted lead nymph that made the difference on these very difficult fish.

    Although bullet flies are made of painted lead and varnish, they are totally eco-friendly because the lead is enclosed in a very strong UV cure layer. You can find our online shop et Micro nymphs for educated trouts - Bullet Flies.

    We offer free shipping on all US orders !

    You will excuse in advance our approximate knowledge of English during our participation on the forum, because our team comes from Quebec.

    We already unveil the best pattern that caught many trouts in Cheesman canyon : the BF18 Bullet Fly, black head, dirty Yellow Body.

    Different technical content is available here to explain why the Bullet Flies are offering a different approach from classic nymphs.

    Of course, Bullet Flies are our own fishing flies, and we design them to be nearly unbreakable. That's why we offer an undestructible warranty on all the flies of the collection. We hate to break hooks on big fish, this must not happen to you !

    If you have technical questions about Bullet Flies, do not hesitate to contact us by PM, or at, we will be happy to explain why you are going to take more fish with the Bullet Flies.

    Tightlines !

    The Bullet Flies team

    Micro nymphs for educated trouts - Bullet Flies Micro nymphs for educated trouts - Free US shipping !

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    Default Re: Bullet Flies : Micro nymphs for educated trouts

    Welcome to the forum

    Would you tell us where the flies are manufacture?

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

    Being "one with nature" requires a knowledge of what animals are living nearby and a weapon of sufficient magnitude to give you at minimum an equal chance of survival. No one has an invisible aura that animals can detect and sense your good intentions.

  3. Default Re: Bullet Flies : Micro nymphs for educated trouts

    Hi Dave, the Bullet Flies are tied in France, and dispatched from Quebec, Canada. Thank you for this remark, I will mention this on the website, this is an important fact. Micro nymphs for educated trouts - Free US shipping !

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    Default Re: Bullet Flies : Micro nymphs for educated trouts

    Your prices are quite reasonable given the amount of curing time to produce the flies.

    I have known about these flies for quite a while since they use UV cured resin as part of the production process. They are known in the industry as ceramic flies and you can google "ceramic flies" to learn more about them.

    Ceramic Flies

    Here is how they are tied.

    The Limp Cobra has an article about them: Ceramic flies- What they are, what they do and how to make them – the limp cobra


    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

  6. Default Re: Bullet Flies : Micro nymphs for educated trouts

    Well done Silver Creek, infact the Bullet Flies comes from the same French manufacturer called Ceramic Flies. High quality varnishing is crucial to provide undestructible flies like we offer at

    We were really surprised how American anglers reacted to the Bullet Flies when we fished them in Colorado. At first sight they didn't understood the concept of " tiny fly able to sink fast ". But we had feedbacks from Colorado anglers, and American trouts love them, they're tired of the same old dubbing flies...

    Same old story as the steam-powered and gasoline-powered cars, when a thing is new and counterintuitive like painted lead nymphs, the years of tradition push you to reject this concept.

    In the specific case of fishing flies, it is the dozens of years spent using nymphs made of dubbing that make the painted lead nymphs pass for useless objects, whereas we think that they are a revolution.

    I am not saying that dubbing flies are useless, but I'm saying the Bullet Flies are as useful as classic nymphs, but for a specificic solution : proposing micro bites to educated trouts in deep waters.

    And I can swear that I have seen seriously educated trouts when fishing in the US Micro nymphs for educated trouts - Free US shipping !

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    What size and type hook? Sorry if I missed it.

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    Default Re: Bullet Flies : Micro nymphs for educated trouts

    Ordered some of these today. Looking forward to trying them.

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