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    Default Minimaist Wallet

    A wallet small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, front pants pocket, or waders. Will comfortable hold six cards, fishing license, and clip for your cash. Price on these wallets is $75.00.IMG_0160 (2).jpgIMG_0163.jpg If I can ever figure out how to manage photos on this web site, I will be one happy camper
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    I'm married - no cash, allowed 1 credit card. Just kidding, nice wallets

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    Thank you,

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    I have been looking for something just like that for awhile, but could never find anything I liked. So I just bought a new wallet a few weeks ago. The timing of it stinks because I like those very much, but I no longer need a wallet.

    Those are really nice looking. Would make a nice gift for a fishing friend, hmmm.
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    Thank you. If the need ever arises, give me a holler

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