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  1. Default For Sale- Regal Medallion Series Vise

    Hello All,

    I recently got into fly tying 3 months back, and purchased a Regal Medallion Series C Clamp with standard jaws. 0-22 I believe.

    Purchased this for 160, looking for 125 OBO and 10 for shipping *depends where you live, I live in New Jersey. Will ship with after market bobbin cradle I picked up for it.

    I can send pictures upon request. Basically brand new, maybe 60 flies in or so. Looking to upgrade to a vise with Midge Jaws. or send me via PM on this forum.

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    should also mention, I will trade it for a comparable priced reel as well.

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    Default Re: For Sale- Regal Medallion Series Vise

    H dot

    Just a suggestion you might want to try before you give up on the Regal-- or if you want to try tying on small hooks
    while you're waiting to sell it....

    I've tied trout and saltwater flies on Regal Medallions with the "big game" jaws for a bazillion years, and it can be very difficult to tie on small size hooks in the jaws in the "standard position" of the jaws in line with the hook--- ie if you're a righty, with the jaws pointing to the right, in line with hook shank. In the "standard position for a righty, if ">" is the jaws, and "*" is a fly, in the standard position for a righty it would look sorta like this:

    Instead, for tying on small hooks, try pointing the jaws straight up, and put the hook in the jaws at right angles to the direction of the jaws-- sorta like this
    ^ will give you a lot more clearance, especially behind the hook to tie on tails etc.

    I'm not near my vises now but i can take pics if that will help, and will post them on Monday.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: For Sale- Regal Medallion Series Vise

    peregirnes is definitely on to it.
    this is a good way to get your money's worth out of your vise

    i do this with my old Veniard, point the jaws straight up for small flies.

    all good


    the universe in a drop of water

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    Default Re: For Sale- Regal Medallion Series Vise

    For what it's worth, here's some pics as promised that might help explain how you might want to position the jaws for tying on small hooks with the "Big Game" jaws of a Regal Medallion.

    In addition to being able to rotate the jaws 360 degrees to view a fly from all sides, the Medallion also allows you to point the angle of the jaws up and down.

    Here's a pic of a size 20 Blue Wing Olive Sparkle Dun in the Big Game jaws at a standard angle of around 30 degrees. The large jaws make it difficult to access the hook, especially behind the hook for tying on tails etc.

    But by pointing the jaws straight up and then inserting the hook, you can get much better access for tying on small hooks. Here's the same size 20 with the jaws pointing up:


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