yeah if you havent read my other threads i bought this rod in december and it sat in my corner for like 2 months and i jst decided like last week one day that i would actually take it out of the tub and try it out and the least to say i should have spent the other money to get a really stiff rod i guess i want a heavier rod like a 6 weight, i paid 80 or so bucks for this rod and cabelas has the rods on sale for 50 and after tax and shipping to conus it equals 65 or 70 bucks right now and i paid quite so to cut you a deal i will sell it for 55 and slit shipping or something anyways we cvan work on a deal. i will also through in a shakespear fly reel with brand new cabelas wf-5 weight floating line for an extra 15 bucks. the rod is a triumph model and is under warranty for 4 years and 11 months. it also comes in this plastic see through tube and also a rod sock.
plz pm me deon