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  1. Default Micro Fly Fishing Outfit for sale (34 inch rod)

    I have been doing some spring cleaning at home and in order to reduce the amount of stuff at home wife and I have decided that we will both I selling my Micro Fly Fishing Outfit..the rod is 34 inches long and comes with a working fly reel that is slightly bigger than a quarter. The reel comes loaded with Orvis WF1F fly line and backing and the outfit comes with a rod sock as well as an aluminum rod tube. The outfit fishes very well but I have found that it is too light for smallmouth bass which is what I have a lot of around me. If you live in an area with small creeks loaded with trout and brookies you will have a blast with this rod this is an ultralight outfit.

    This rod was used a half dozen times since my local waters is Lake Michigan - lakefront.

    Asking for $150 or best offer - New the outfit retails for $275. If you would like to see pictures of the outfit let me know.
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  2. Default Re: Micro Fly Fishing Outfit for sale (34 inch rod)

    I will be glad to purchase the micro rod and reel from you.
    My son will love to have the little set up.
    I guess you can email me and we can exchange info.
    How do I do that?
    Can we send private messages?
    Let me know how to do that?I hope with me repling to this message you get my email address.
    Talk with you soon.

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    Default Re: Micro Fly Fishing Outfit for sale (34 inch rod)

    twc0209: You can send anatolek a PM by clicking on his name and selecting the second item in the list (Send a private message to anatolek)


  4. Default Re: Micro Fly Fishing Outfit for sale (34 inch rod)

    This outfit is sold...Tim it is on the way! Enjoy!

  5. Default Re: Micro Fly Fishing Outfit for sale (34 inch rod)

    Thanks for all the help everyone.
    I cant wait until my son sees it.
    Thanks for the good buy.

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