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  1. Default WTB: Vice and Accessories

    Figured out that flies are going to get expensive...

    I'm sure someone has graduated from their beginner kit, so interested in whatever vise and tying accessories you might have.

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    Default Re: WTB: Vice and Accessories

    I have a brandnew Peak Vise that I bought 3 weeks ago from the bears den for 85.00 that I'll sell for 50.00,, I couldn't really decide what I wanted and decided to get a Regal because of the spring clamp style they use i just liked that better.

    as for stuff to go with it if you find a fly you want to tie on-line and then tell me what the recipe is I may have everything you need in that dept too because I bought alot of stuff that I'm not needing right now so we can play that by ear.

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