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Thread: FLIES!!! 290 Flies and New Box. Awesome Deal!

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    Default FLIES!!! 290 Flies and New Box. ***SOLD***


    I've been tying these flies while my wife does work at home, and have decided to offer them here. All flies are quality tied, and I take great pride in my tying skills. All hackle is Whiting, and all hooks are Mustad Signature and Tiemco. Barbs have all been crimped down. The box includes: 69 Pheasant Tail Nymphs; 50 Parachute Blue Wing Olives; 36 Parachute Light Cahills; 45 Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear; 23 Prince Nymphs (Variant with peacock sword tails); 31 Elk Hair Caddis (tan and grey body); 36 Parachute Adams (50% tied with grizzly hackle only, but all tied with brown and grizzly tails). Drys are sized 14-20, heavy on #16. PTN's are mostly #16 and #18 2X long. GRHE's are #14-#16. Princes are #14-#16.

    There are 290 flies in the box (Allen waterproof), and all are un-used. $*** shipped to the lower 48! Paypal accepted if sent as a "gift" to avoid fees, and personal checks from forum regulars. USPS money orders are dandy from anyone. Package will ship immediately upon receipt of payment, via USPS Priority mail.

    See photo album here: [ame=""]Fly Box pictures by PHEAA - Photobucket[/ame] Believe me when I say that these photos don't do justice to the flies.

    Here's a close-up of one of the GRHE's. This one has a pheasant tail tail, but most are tied with a hare's ear tail:

    Let me know if you'd like close-ups of the other flies. My macro mode is acting goofy, but I can get it going.
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    Default Re: FLIES!!! 290 Flies and New Box. Awesome Deal!

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