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    Default WTB 2-3wt outfit

    Hi, new to the forums, been lurking and figured why not post as I've been surfing fleabay for an 8' 2-3wt rig
    Inexpensive (read divorce survivor cheap) as thats how it is right now, thanks in advance for no "you get what you pay for", LOL, aint that the truth, thought gently used was vastly superior to new low end.
    My addiction to this wont be cleansed till I have another stick for the ponds around here
    I have looked at the low end cabela's and thanks to this forum found gremlins site
    anyhow, thanks, Claude

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    Default Re: WTB 2-3wt outfit

    Claude: Welcome to the forum! I have bought several rods/reels off EBay, you should find something that works for way less than retail. You might also scan the flyshopcloseouts web site, sometimes they have pretty good deals>
    Fly Shop Closeouts


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    Default Re: WTB 2-3wt outfit

    Thanks Larry, much appreciated.
    Been lurking for a while, and do surf the flyshopcloseouts- again, learned about that from here. Great site, figured I'd start posting finally
    best, CWG

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    Default Re: WTB 2-3wt outfit

    It's damn tough to find a decent 2 or 3wt used. You might try a LaCrosse Custom. I have a 6'-6" for creek fishing. They're about $60.

    For a reel, you can get your hands on a Rip Tide 2-3 weight. It's not much, but I've been eyeing one for my creek rod, real light. It runs about $20.

    Another option is the Caddis Creek CC61. You can get one of these for between 10 and 15 bux. Just a thought.

    If you can get that far, I'll give ya a new WF3F line that I have that's never seen water nor been spooled up.

    I'll keep my eyes open for ya.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Default Re: WTB 2-3wt outfit

    I'm liking this place and the UL forum more and more.

    bio: I bowhunt too, and have been humbled starting up flyfeeshing again. First time in 20 years I had to actually set a budget and stick with it- less than 100 to get a 3wt stick rigged-
    In the past when an archery noob asked me where/how/what to get started and I said if you spend less than 300 bucks for your start rig, you'll be essentially be nothing more than a monkey with a pointy stick, lol.
    I wonder how many I might have turned away from even trying-
    With the help of some folks here and elsewhere, tracked down a suiteable Greys closeout 8' 3/4wt, while on fleabay found a usable graphite deal to mate the stick, purchased some line from a sponsor here and I'm in business.
    Oh, certainly a Sage and an Allen reel are in my future, but not this year. In the mean time, I'm slamming sunnies next weekend!
    thanks folks, CWG

    btw, I gave my missmatched eagleclaw/diawa rigged abomination to someone who "thought they might like to try it", same fate waits this current rig in a year- hook a noob-

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    Default Re: WTB 2-3wt outfit

    Well played cwg...well played!
    "I knew a tier once. One time he was holding a lump of cat hair he found on his couch, sort of twirling it about his fingers, tugging at it. I asked, what in the hell are you doing man? He looked startled, ashamed. But I knew what he was thinking. right then and there I decided to just buy my fly's thankyouverymuch." ~ cwg

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    Default Re: WTB 2-3wt outfit

    Ok, the greys close-out 8' (3 section), 3/4wt arrived, the cahill 3/5 reel arrived, Allens inexpensive WF4-F arrived, got the backing, furled leader, found a padded gun case that fits perfectly.
    Total investment (yes, investment) 58 rod, 14.50 reel, fineflyline from Allen 11.00, furled leader ebay 3.00
    ttl 83.50 this includes all shipping etc associated with getting them here. Oh hell yes.

    Extremely happy goal reached.
    thanks to those who PM'd, offered help in the forums etc.
    Outstanding, kudos' CWG

    btw, had the Greys G-series out grasscasting now, whew. amazing. not as fast as I had feared, lobbed 30 feet or so around the yard quite gracefully. Trying to look at, the butt to mid section appears pretty slow, mid to tip a medium, or maybe medium fast, for my style, its perfect. Too fast rods, while seemingly the rage now, make me snap my fly off, lol.
    Allens line shot out like a laser beam, whatever brand it is, very nice. That ebay furled leader laid down after the line hit the grass like a dream.
    the cheap cahills real was the only one less than a hundred bucks that met my target of 3-3.5 ounces. I reel with my right hand, another pain to find, Just a thumb and two fingers to cast this effortlessly.
    boo-rah, off to water
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