I was cleaning the basement and found a hidden box of VHS tapes in the corner. I am giving them away. These are VHS videos of some my TV show I found this afternoon while cleaning house. I am giving them away for FREE...just pay the shipping..take as many as you want for youself, clubs, boy scounts whatever. There are some non fly fishing freshwater ones if you want them as well.

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New Box of VHS Tapes Discovered

I was cleaning the basement and found a hidden box of VHS tapes in the corner. I am giving them away. You can come pick them up or send shipping $$ based on how many you want and we’ll ship them to you. Here’s what I found…

Fly Fishing for Bluegills (8 copies): Episode number nine of the 2003 season is a second trip I took to the Eldred Preserve to get my fly fishing chops in order by tossing the "long wand" for giant bluegills, pumpkinseeds and redear sunfish that roam this lake. Using lighter fly tackle than I would trout, I took my trusty 4 & 5-weight fly rods, an assortment of dry flies, nymphs and small popping bugs or water crickets, I explored the edges of the shorelines and weed line and the spawning beds to raise hundreds of giant bluegills. You'll be amazed at the size of these fish when you go to Eldred Preserve. I used a prepackaged leader, but a straight piece of 4, 6, or 8-pound test line would work fine as well when fishing panfish. You will also be amazed at the number of small and of course quality largemouth and smallmouth here that inhale flies and popping bugs. We go over the the line, the flies, color choices for flies and of course our Boating Tip of the Week. Located in Sullivan County near Monticello, NY, Eldred Preserve offers some of the best freshwater fishing in the state!

Cold Water Smallmouth (4 copies): Thios show was from our 2002 TV season on a trip we took to Lake Mahopac, NY for smallmouth bass. This beautiful body of water lies approximately 55 miles north of NYC. If you do any sort of half serious bass fishing in freshwater, you probably know about Mahopac already. This is a premiere bass lake in lower NY State. My guest for the show is Pat Xiques, a pro staff angler who lives on the lake itself. We shot the show the last day of November in 200 on a cold, cloudy 43 degree day with water temps hovering around 45 to 47 degrees. In the show we give you all the details of light line jigging smallmouth in deep, cold 16 to 25-foot of water. We used 1/8-ounce hair jigs on light and ultralight tackle. We also give you the casting techniques for using light jigs, Boating Tip of the Week, Fishing Tips

Eldred, NY Get-A-Way (20 copies): Our eighth show of the 2002 season is our annual "Get Away" show in which we fish within the tri-state region, but a little outside of the NYC area although that is changing rapidly as the link to satellite has really expanded our reach. Last year it was Lake Ontario and this year we stay within the Empire State on our visit to the Eldred Preserve in Eldred, NY. Eldred is in the lowerCatskill /upper Hudson Valley region of NY. Eldred and this beautiful section of NY is a quick 2-1/2 hour ride northwest of NYC southwest. It lies southwest of Monticello, NY and northwest of Port Jervis just a short 10 minutes east of the NY-PA bridge #3 spanning the Delaware River on Rte 55.We’re visiting the Eldred Preserve as I take my television crew on a working holiday. We stayed three days and shot the show in one day, so the crew could fish, shoot target clays and enjoy the preserve's 3,000 acres and her wonderful fun and other fine amenities. This show unfolds in a couple of ways. First it gives our viewers another option for family summer get away vacations and we teach you how to go about finding fish in any strange lake you've never fished before at any vacation spot you may visit with tackle, lures and times of days to fish, where to look for fish and of course our Boating Tips, tackle segments and a good look at the underwater world of a lake through our new underwater cameras! We fished with the Eldred Preserve fishing guide Bill Albright and his friend Joe who doubled as camera boat for this two camera shoot..

Pitching Plastics to PA Mountain Smallmouth (7 copies): This freshwater episode was filmed at Lake Wallenpaupack, PA in the Pocono Mountains about 2-1/2 hours from Long Island. In this show we're pitching plastic tubes to pre and post spawn smallmouth around rock croppings, rocky drop off's bordering new emerging weedlines and sandy flats along with some dock lines as well. My guest is expert, local guide and tournament angler Ray Cichocki of Ray's Guide Service (570-654-9555). We'll show you the newest plastics, speak with Ray about lake conditions and how dropping or rising water conditions effect smallies here since this is a man made lake for generating electricity, talk about how plastics how revolutionized fishing, go over our surprising tackle choices of light spinning reels and light line for this fishing and of course lots of great fishing and skyrocketing jumps by the stars of this show...the smallmouth bass of Lake Wallenpaupack. You get a 38 minute video in this one including scenes not included, captain interview, extended versions of the rigging and how to work the bait segments and much more.

Drop-Shotting NJ Largemouths (27 copies): This freshwater episode was filmed at Lake Hopatcong, NJ in mid May about 1-1/2 hours from Long Island. In this show we're drop-shotting...an awesome way to present plastic baits...in one place for freshwater bass. My guest is Skip Lerman...a winning tourney pro from this region and we use light spinning reels to catch Jersey largemouths using the plastics in shallow water. The big key in this technique is the rig we used. The components include specially designed Drop Shot hooks and the other main component is the specialty drop shot weights that are made of tungsten and unlike lead are environmentally safe to water fowl. We go over our tackle choices of light spinning reels, rods and 6 or 8-pound test line for this fishing and of course great action on largemouth bass and many other species before a late spring thunderstorm chases us off the water with thunder, lightening and gusty winds blow the roof off a house on film behind us! There was so much footage for this show...it killed me to have to take it out...so we are including it all in the home release version for sale including an interview with Tony Going who is president of the NJ Bass Federation. Tony did us a big favor in running he camera boat this trip You can see and learn more about the NJ Bass Federation but clicking on their name and going to their site. You get a 40 minute video when you purchase this one including scenes not included, interview, extended versions of the rigging and how to work the bait segments and much more.

Wild Brown Trout of Delaware Water Gap 4 copies): My guest was Steve Sloan (deceased), a long time friend, flyfisher and world record holder. We were editing this show when Steve passed away and I ran with it as a tribute to my special friend. Steve was a trustee for the IGFA and a very accomplished flycaster. We traveled to the Delaware Water Gap, not too far from the Pocono region and up towards Henryville, PA. We fished nymphs for wild brown trout and a few rainbows in a beautiful setting for some fantastic action. In this episode we gave detailed instructions on how to cast a fly rod including roll casting, what to bring on a road trip, proper casting techniques, fly choices and lots of action along with our Boating Tip of the Week . This will be one for the ages as his legacy in the fly fishing game and his fisheries management contributions are measured for decades to come. I will surely miss him and our time together on and off the water.