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    Default Ross Evolution #2...SOLD


    Some of you may already know that I bought several Evolution and Rhythm reels when they were being discontinued. I have one brand new Evolution #2
    remaining, and I decided to pass the savings onto a forum member: $170 shipped USPS Priority Mail (lower 48). This reel is 100% brand new, and I have
    examined it under magnification to make certain it has zero/nada marks that can be detected under a 4X lens. I'm a bit obsessive, and refuse to buy gear that isn't 100% in the store, so rest assured that this is the finest specimen you'll find. PayPal accepted, USPS MO's, and checks from forum regulars. The only drawback on this is the box is from a Ross Rhythm. I sold a few Evolution and Rhythm reels on this forum, and must have sent an Evolution box to a Rhythm buyer....???? The warranty card and neoprene case are included, of course. The reel is 100% wobble-free. Contact me if you need more pics, etc.

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    Default Re: Ross Evolution #2: BRAND NEW/LOW PRICE!

    Boy I wish I knew you had that reel Frank before I purshased another #2.
    I can vouch for the condition of Frank's reels. I purchased a #3 from Frank last year and it was perfect.

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