this is all a long shot but why not..

I bought this set-up last season , I never fished it because I bought it to set up a 12W canal rod and fishing slowed down, I'm at work and can get pics up and conifirm specs later from home if needed.

3pc Loop Greenwater 11/12 weight with extra tip section. this rod has the forward handle I think its called for fighting big fish, the rod I bought used off E+++ and that guy used it once on a boat, has sock and tube and is great condition with extra tip.

the Galvan T-14 is Black and never fished, it is a 5" reel and it comes spooled with 30lb dacron which is flagged which means the backing is all bright yellow except the last 100yds is blaze orange which means point the rod down and HOLD ON!
I'd like to sell this entire setup for $500.00 (reel alone cost this) this reel would also be perfect on a spey rod. I never bought line for this reel because the canal fishing here started slowing down soon after getting it.

the one thing I want is a Winston, any winston but a 8 to 10 weight B2MX is what I'd love to have. looking for other brandname weight combos too, reels, rods, 6 to 10 weight in decent condition, I'd add $ for something thats worth more to even a deal.

also have my sage 9 weight TCX,,, simply an awesome rod but I could use something a little easier for limited experience,, I'd trade this for a 9 weight Scott S4S, Sage Xi3, Winston B2MX, NRX, maybe an XI2 if it was mint. I can add some money to make it even for super mint rods.

I have no problem shipping 3rd party or 1st to folks here with lots of posts and references here, I have lots of feedback in other traditional archery forums.

Ted/ Plymouth, Ma