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  1. Default WTB 7 wt rod and reel

    I am looking to buy a 7 wt rod and a reel rated for around the same. I will be fishing for Lake Erie steelhead. I am looking to get the whole shabang rod reel line backing. I have done a lot of fishing, but I am new to fly fishing. I am very excited to get into it this year! Thank you very much.

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    I know you want a rod+reel combo but this is a fantastic rod HERE for a great price.

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  4. Default Re: WTB 7 wt rod and reel

    I did see that for sale, but I think it would be a little too pricey once I get everything.

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    Default Re: WTB 7 wt rod and reel

    What kind of price range are you looking to be in for the entire combo? I'm sure a few here will be able to recommend a few great ones that would work well.

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    I would really like to stay around $200 rod reel and line. I just figured used you would get more bang for your buck. I do competitive bass fishing, and I am kind of a gear snob in that aspect of my fishing. I have fly fished before in WY and around northeast pa using a cheap walmart combo or friends gear, but I would like to delve into it more. Once I know I will be into fly fishing for the long haul I will improve my gear, but for now my budget is around the $200 mark.

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    Lake Erie Steelies typically require very light tippet so the right reel is essential. I would spend the majority of your dollar there.

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    I was planning on using 3x or 4x. I was looking at the Ross Flyrise, but I would prefer to get a used strung up reel.

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    new to fly fishing. I'd recommend the Redington Crosswater 8 wt outfit. I was working in upstate NY with only a 4 wt one fall, ended up with one of these outfits that served VERY well. Still have it as a "back up", and pike rod. I found the leader included was junk.
    And you can pickup the 4 pc outfit for about $120 on ebay.
    Good Luck.

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  12. Default Re: WTB 7 wt rod and reel

    Thank you for your posts. I have bought a combo.

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