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Thread: WTB Old Town Canoe (NOVA/Alexandria)

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    Default WTB Old Town Canoe (NOVA/Alexandria)

    Hi Guys, I want to buy a used Old Town Canoe preferably with paddles. I would like either a recreational or sporting version for the stability. Greatly prefer a Predator C160 but willing to entertain other types. I want to take my son fishing a few times before I leave again so am looking for a quick local deal. I know we can fish from shore or wade but we've spied some waters that it would be good to have a boat or canoe. I have found some Old Town Canoes on Craig's list but they move fast and I haven't been quick enough. Looking for a fair deal and will pay cash. I am also willing to hear your recommendations on other canoes. Thanks.

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    Default Re: WTB Old Town Canoe (NOVA/Alexandria)

    Hi Guys, no nibbles on this WTB. Anyways, we bought a Wenonah Canoe yesterday. Went to the Front Royal Canoe Co in Front Royal, Va to look at some used Old Towns. Some of the hulls were looking mighty thin so we went ahead and bought a new Wenonah Heron. It's 15ft long and very stable for flinging flies. Around 4:00 PM me and my son had it in the Beckinridge Reservoir, Quantico, and caught a bunch of Blue Gill. It was another great day of fishing. Thanks. Ride safe. Vr

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    Default Re: WTB Old Town Canoe (NOVA/Alexandria)

    Great to hear you made the decision to get a canoe and I'm sure you and your son had a great time fishing for gills. I know those Old Towns are pretty popular so getting one on Craigslist would have been difficult at best.


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