As I continue to organize my fly boxes and fly fishing materials, I come across a large excess of flies that I no longer need. What I fish for and where has changed, so if anybody can use these flies I would like to sell them.
I bought almost all of them, and tied a few (have been tying for 15 years). Mean price I would guess is around $1.50 apiece, and I have 6 dozen flies I would like to sell. So 72 flies x 1.50 is about $108 dollars in flies. This is a great selection for someone new in the sport or just looking to stock up. I would like to get $70 shipped for all of the flies but I am open to reasonable trade offers.

I can PM anyone who would like pictures of the lot and close ups of the patterns included, but the break down goes like this. This lot has a bunch of trout flies in it.

12 assorted buggers- mainly size 8, different colors
18 assorted nymphs- pheasant tail, hare's ear, copper john, prince, etc....
6 wet flies- the same pattern
24 hoppers, assorted colors and patterns
12 assorted dry flies- elk hair caddis, adams, bwo, cripples

All were never fished, and I have WAY too many flies for a type of fishing I do not do as often. If anybody is interested pm me.