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    Default Aglers Roost 13' 7/8wt

    rod is sold pending payment, thanks!

    I just got this rod in the mail today, it's a brand new Anglers Roost 13' 7/8wt. I ordered it about 2 weeks ago but ended up building myself a 12' 7wt rod in the mean time so no need to keep this one. The rod is new with the plastic still on the grip, never had a reel on it, $90 shipped to he lower 48. I'll get pics up in a bit.
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    Default Re: Aglers Roost 13' 7/8wt

    I hear good things about these rods, the price is hard to beat. Never actually seen one so I'm curious about the pics.

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    Default Re: Aglers Roost 13' 7/8wt

    Just looking at it I think it would be hard to beat for the money. Never had a chance to cast but I have heard good things.

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    Default Re: Aglers Roost 13' 7/8wt

    If you've got a line maybe you'd best cast it, not like it's gonna take much off the price if any.

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    Default Re: Aglers Roost 13' 7/8wt

    How long is the top grip and what would you describe the action as? If you put the tip on the carpet and push down, where does the rod bend?

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    Default Re: Aglers Roost 13' 7/8wt

    Dan, the top grip is 12" and it has a moderate action, the rod bends about half way down the blank.

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