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Thread: Furled Leaders

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    I have 2 Wonderfurl furled leaders... 1 - 5' 5-7wt mono w/ shorb loop and 1 - 7.5' 2-4wt mono w/ mono tag(shorb loop broke).. Both are in good condition.. I would hate to just throw them away(i'm personally not a fan of the shorb loop).. If anyone would like them within the lower 48 let me know and I will send them to you for free

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    I'll take 'em!
    - William

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    Default Re: Furled Leaders

    That took all of 8 minutes.

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    the price was right
    - William

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    If William can't come up with the funds I will take them. LOL

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    nice gesture itch


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    It is a very nice gesture. I have two friends who've recently gotten into fly fishing and I was just thinking about ordering them a furled leader each. One has a 5wt and one a 4wt so these will give them a start.
    - William

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