For sale here are some professionally tied flies that I had bought directly from the production company for a long saltwater trip that did not happened. These flies were never used and had never been taken out of its package.

DNA Bush pig's are a great synthetic flashy profile baitfish pattern, which really "push water" and swim with plenty of movement , being tied from DNA Holofusion. Bush Pig was originaly designed for fishing the mangroves for Barramundi. The Hook is protected by the firbes to prevent hang ups on the overhanging branches. It has now proven to be highly effective for a variety inshore and offshore species around the globe, including Stripped Bass. DNA is the first range which is all based around DNA's exclusive Holo Fusion fibre which is a super realistic syntheic fibre specially designed for saltwater flies. The stand out reason why these flies are so good is they don't hold water, so even on the big flies that we've been throwing around for kingfish the flies are light enough to cast because after one false cast the flies are dry.

All these flies are professionally tied on Gamakatsu SL12 S saltwater fly hooks. They come in packs of 6 flies in size 6/0, 4/0, 2/0 and 1/0.

Price for a pack of 6 flies of each size/color is as follow :
$18 for 1/0
$20 for 2/0
$22 for 4/0 and
$25 for 6/0
plus shipping ($6 to anywhere in the US via Registered Air Mail).

Please send me an email at or send private message if interested.

The following colors are available :








Thanks for looking