I might be interested in a sell or trade on my T and T 9', 5wt No Sanctuary fast action fly rod. If you like a fast action 5wt, this would be a hard rod to beat. I've never cast anything like it. 70ft is just unwinding this stick.

But alas, I'm a small stream trout fisherman and this is just more rod than I need. I need not expound on the quality of a T and T rod, but I can provide pictures of this paticular rod upon request.

I'd be interested in something quality in a mid-flex, or better even a full or full'er flex, 4 or 3 wt. We could discuss length as I fish all length rods and each have a place.

For instance, I'd trade this 800 dollar rod for a new purchase of an Orvis Superfine. This is not an absolute, just a guideline.

Thank you,,and remember, I'll provide pics pvt'ly on request.

Michael aka fly_guy

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I would consider trades on good condition used rod of course.