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    Default The Vintage "Trail's End" Collection...

    Included in this boxed collection of 100+ flies are the hand-crafted works of a group of men who once counted a small riverside cabin known as "Trail's End" as one of their "go-to" places. During late-evening tying sessions after a day on the AuSable River, they added extra flies to "The Community Jar," an old-style large glass cookie jar that sat center table.

    The contents of this jar came into my possession a few months back, as did the cabin, and it's taken me this long to sort them out. Now, I'm going to do as I was asked-- sell them to help support the tying classes for "my kids." The cabin's late owner, Montgomery Jackson, was a longtime friend of mine, and of the program. (Please see the thread in the "Lodge Den" section called "I Met Myself Last Night" for more background...)

    At any rate, none of the flies have ever seen the water, and all are in exceptional condition. They range in sizes from #8 to #22, and comes in dries, wets and some nymphs. There are some true classic fly patterns in the lots.

    As mentioned, I'll be channeling the sales back into the "FITW" tying program, and I'm asking $50 for the "Trail's End" boxes, shipped to your door.

    Paypal is preferred, with no fees charged. From the casual count, I'll only be able to make up six to eight of these boxes.

    Any questions can be sent via PM or e-mail me directly at: That also happens to be my Paypal info...

    Thanks for looking, my friends...

    Jerry, aka hairwing530

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    Default Re: The Vintage "Trail's End" Collection...

    To those who've been asking, the Vintage "Trail's End" Collection will continue to be offered until I run out of vintage flies from "The Community Jar" at the old cabin. And, that could be awhile...

    Jerry, aka hairwing530

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