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    Default Looking for waders to buy.

    Looking for sticking foot waders for me and my 10yo. I'm 5'10" about 200# and my daughter is a small to average 10yo. If you have some waders you'd like to sell let me know the details. We just started fly fishing and wet waded on the little red river for a bit yesterday. Even in the summer that waters a little cold.

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    Default Re: Looking for waders to buy.

    given all the things that can wrong with waders, buying used ones without the opportunity to thoroughly check them out would be, imho, pretty dicey...

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    Default Re: Looking for waders to buy.

    I remember my daughter wet wading for steelhead, if you can believe that, when she was 11. brrrr I found bootfoots for her at Cabelas. I think they have some now for like $70.

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    Default Re: Looking for waders to buy.

    The first pair of waders I bought my nephew were Cabelas. They were boot foot and lasted him long enough to compensate for growth.

    Cabela's Three Forks™ Youth Insulated Lug-Sole Chest Waders : Cabela's

    Cabela's Youth Three Forks™ Uninsulated Felt-Sole Chest Waders : Cabela's

    Pretty durable little set of boots.

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    Default Re: Looking for waders to buy.

    pm sent on waders

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    Default Re: Looking for waders to buy.

    Another PM to look at!

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    Default Re: Looking for waders to buy.

    You might be interested in reading thru this thread, lots of good info:
    Waders options?

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    Default Re: Looking for waders to buy.

    Waders acquired. Now to try them out on the North Fork in Arkansas in a few weeks.

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