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Thread: Cheap 8wt

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    Default Cheap 8wt

    What I have is a Bass Pro White River 9ft two piece SC IV 8wt rod. Its a moderate fast action bass rod. If you want to throw a mile on the flats look elsewhere. If on the other hand you want to accurately and easily cast a big popper or gurgler into the lily pads you could do a lot worse at four times the price. The rod is like new with clean cork, a saltwater safe aluminium uplocking reel seat and a very nice fighting butt.

    In all honesty if you're a trout guy who occasionaly chases salmon or bass, or you're a bass fisherman looking for a backup, or want a gift to get a spin fisherman into fly rods? This is you rig. No BS, 50 to 60 ft casts with poppers are not a problem. Its a moderate/moderate fast action fresh water rod geared for big flys at moderate distance. Its a straight up bass rod and the price is right.

    $65 OBO with a tube TYD. Trades considered.
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    Default Re: Cheap 8wt

    Still for sale, and a great Christmas gift for those getting into warmwater, or steelhead. Don't be put off by the name. Whoever Bass Pro got to build this rod knew what they were doing. Its exactly what the label suggests, a tailor made bass rod for a reasonable price. If you're throwing heavy egg sucking leaches for salmon it would also fit the bill. Its finished nicely and has a sweet fighting butt.
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